Taxpayer Services

Mission/Vision Statement

We are dedicated to delivering a respectful, responsive and results oriented customer experience. To provide complete and informative assistance to all Maryland taxpayers through various communication avenues.

Vision Statement

To provide the ultimate customer experience for every person that contacts our office.


The Taxpayer Services Division was established in January 2019 and is comprised of two main sections; Taxpayer Information Contact Center and Branch Operations. The Taxpayer Information Contact Center (TICC) has three units; Individual and Business Call Center, Correspondence Unit and the Employee Education Unit. Branch Operations consists of twelve walk-in branch offices and two remote call centers located throughout the State of Maryland.

We provide assistance to taxpayers and tax preparers who contact our office regarding all taxes, fees and permits administered by the Comptroller's Office. Some of the taxes included are Income, Withholding, Sales and Use, Admission & Amusement, Corporation, Estate, Alcohol, Tobacco, Motor Fuel etc.

The Taxpayer Services Division is continuously looking towards the future for the betterment of all Marylanders. Our goal is to make sure that every taxpayer who contact us, whether in person, by phone or through correspondence has an outstanding customer experience. Our Division continues to grow with our employees and through the education programs we provide.


Director, Gary E. White
Phone Number (410) 260-7455
Fax (410)974-3248

Assistant Director, Dennis Gwinn
Phone Number (410)260-7724
Fax (410)974-3248

Assistant Director, Pat Guiles
Phone Number (410)260-6254
Fax (410)974-3248

Branch Operations Manager, Ana Garay
Phone Number (410)260-7621
Fax (410) 974-3248

Taxpayer Information Contact Center Assistant Manager, Trinidad Paiz
Phone Number (410)260-7798
Fax (410)974-3248

Our Organization

Organizational Chart